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Regional Training Centres

Joe does GB08
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I'm spending two days in Southampton in the company of people from Apple's Regional Training Centre network. As usual there was a mixed bag of speakers, talking mostly about creativity in education. For example, there was one session on the new features in Garagband '08. Once again, Joe Moretti showed me stuff that Garageband could do that I just didn't know about. He said he hoped I wasn't blogging about him this time as I did at eLive and at the last Apple RTC event... so I wont tell you the following... :-) He showed how Arrangements in Garageband (the ability to arrange your compositions into sections - introduction, verse, chorus, etc.) can be used to talk about structure in music and how Garageband is not only easy to use but is sophisticated enough to be useful up to (at least) GCSE level. (Is that OK Joe?)

View from the bench
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A chap at the school that was hosting the event then showed an EduTube thing they were working on (like YouTube but for education). To be fair, the Wildern TV product looked good and gave students the opportunity to share and evaluate educationally relevant video material in school which they couldn't do through YouTube because it was blocked by the authority. It was also good to hear that the pupils themselves moderate the content. However, I've already talked about TeacherTube - what are the advantages of yet another NotYouTube? Steve has already had a go at him on his blog (perhaps he is slightly harsh but in general I have sympathy with Steve's point of view).

Also on Day 1 was a description of an Aim Higher summer school that reminded me of the S@S program at Strathclyde. I wonder if they are talking to each other? It was also good to see school pupils involved in this presentation who were clearly enthusiastic and inspired by their expeience at the summer school.

A presentation from the Centre for Excellence in Media Practice was interesting - particularly tools such as Dialogue Boxes. A presentation on iPods in education produced the following two quotes from pupils: "We are learning in a way that suits our lives." and "It’s not the gadget, it’s how you use it.” Evidence that the pupils get it? And finally, a presentation on some stuff done by Welsh national museums who worked with teachers to produce a "TV programme". Think Richard an Judy but set in Roman times. Was great fun and can be used to challenge stereotyped ideas of what the Romans were like.

An interesting first day. Pictures and Day 2 to follow.

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Hi David,
This is Ai Ling from Singapore. I left you an email earlier on regarding our interest (a team of 9 educators) to visit the Apple RTC in Glasgow on the 14 May 2008. Details are in the email. Looking forward to your reply.
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Thanks very much.

Ai Ling