Thursday, January 24, 2008

Podcasting Across The Pond

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I took part in a Skype conference call the other day - a first for me. The call was recorded and turned into a podcast - another first for me. (Up until now, I've always been in the same room as the podcaster... this time I wasn't even in the same continent!)

Those nice people at Photo Share Podcast noticed that I had blogged about something they said in their podcast (see Stealing, borrowing or using?) and contacted me to see if I'd be willing to record something with them for their latest podcast. I said, "Yes" ...and I had a great time! We talked about Creative Commons and, as usual, I talked too much. (Occupational hazard.)

As I listened back to the interview I found it a bit scary. I was pontificating with such confidence on a subject in which I am not really an expert. (Again, an occupational hazard!) The podcast should probably carry a disclaimer along the lines of, "This man may be talking rubbish. Please consult someone who knows more about the law before continuing." :-) As long as you keep that disclaimer in mind, if you are interested in photography, I suggest you give the podcast a listen.

I talk about a couple of things that you may be interested in following up. Firstly, I was fairly sure I had read about a country in Europe where the Creative Commons licence had been tested in court and upheld. I said, "a Scandinavian country"... it was Holland! I also implied it was a photographer who had his work used without his permission... it was Adam Curry a music person rather than a professional photographer. However, I was right about the court "slapping" the magazine for publishing the photos against the conditions of the Creative Commons licence, although some think it was a a fairly light slap! Some legal types though seem to be pleased that at least it has set a legal precedent that will be useful in future court cases. See what I mean about needing a disclaimer? I found the story on a Creative Commons site (Dutch Court upholds Creative Commons licence) and there is another report of it on the CNET News site (Creative Commons license upheld by court).

Secondly, I pronounced with great authority on how the Creative Commons licence was being adapted for different countries. This time I was right. :-)

Finally, note to self: Bill was pleased with the sound quality but if I ever do something like that again... I must remember to sit further away from the microphone. It sounds like I WAS SHOUTING!

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1 comment:

Sandra said...

David, it was such a pleasure speaking with you! I learned so much. (Well, as much as I can absorb of so much technical business in one sitting.)

Something that struck me as rather surreal while listening to podcasts recently. With all of the amazing technology available, what came to mind were stories my mom had told me of her family all sitting by the radio listening to a favorite 'show'. How things seem to come full circle.

Looking forward to speaking to you through Skype again soon!