Friday, January 11, 2008

TeachMeet 2030

Watching TeachMeet08 at BETT on FlashMeeting. Ewan offered £7 of drinks vouchers to the first person in the room to blog about what people will be talking about at TeachMeet in 2030. I hope they will be talking about learning and teaching - not technology! :-)

Update: I typed up this very quick response while listening to the presentations from TeachMeet but made at least three basic errors:
  1. The question was "What do you want Teachmeet 2032 to be discussing?", so I was out by 2 years. {Why 2032? Seems an odd choice.}
  2. There was no point in "entering" because the drinks vouchers were only good for TeachMeet08... and I wasn't there.
  3. I forgot to tag the post... so it wouldn't have been picked up anyway. :-(
Can I add however, that I did beat the winning entry by about 15 minutes!

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