Thursday, August 07, 2008

Assessment 2.0

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A comment from Joe on the previous post got me thinking about Assessment 2.0. I looked it up on Google, and the number one hit (at least on UK Google) is from the SQA! It was posted in March 2007 no less. So despite me saying they wouldn't go for Accreditation for Prior Learning they may be further along than I gave them credit for.

My only comment (so far) about the SQA page is that podcasing is conspicuous by its absence. I have spoken briefly about our SSciPod project before but in that post I concentrated on what our students did in school. What I haven't talked about yet is the second part of the project where we replaced an assessed presentation with a podcast from the students. I will write it up soon (maybe) but the edited highlight is that we found podcasts to be a very useful assessment tool.

More on SSciPod assessment soon I hope.

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Joe said...

Hey not a little - much further along way than you give us credit for and if you look at SQA guide to assessment - a podcast would be a perfectly suitable way to record evidence.

Not much different to a recording
We have centre recording Skpe conversations as evidence log. We have centres doing this too.

Give Martyn Ware a shout and he can point you in right places - we haven't been able to be as flexible on assessment in schools but not because we can't offer different models of assessment.

Which is too often the erroneous assumption made by those who don't know about othe areas of our awarding.