Thursday, August 28, 2008

So what do you think?

I have been meaning to redesign the blog for well over a year now but I worried that I might break something. However, I finally decided just to go for it! I hope you agree that the blog now has a cleaner, less cluttered look. This my be a daft question (along the lines of, "Put your hand up if you can't hear me.") but have I broken anything? Specifically, is the subscription in your feed reader still working? (See, told you it was a daft question. If the feed is broken, how did you get here to read this?)

Original EdCompBlog

One effect of the change is that it makes it easier for me to add gadgets and widgets in the sidebar. I have taken advantage of this new found power to show some of my Flickr photostream and a snapshot of the music I've been listening to but the ability to add polls is potentially more educationally valuable. My first poll asks an not entirely unpredictable question - what you think of the new design so far? :-)

So what do you think?


Chris said...

I like it! It's cool and modern-looking. And my feed reader still works fine. Now - what did you do? I'm tempted to tinker with blethers, but scared to lose it (Sound familiar?) When you have a minute for a tutorial, sir...

Alan S said...

It all looks great and seems to work as before. My only concern for you is that blogspots tend to be barred by local authority networks. They certainly are in Highland and I have to have known sites that I want to view whitelisted.

john said...

looking good David,
I wonder about switching to fluid width, still in a 800x600 world in my head.
The RSS works fine as I came here via ScotEduBlogs.