Thursday, September 18, 2008

Edublogs Book Club Update

I announced a few weeks ago that I fancied picking up Ewan's idea of starting a virtual book club. A few people said they'd be keen to give it a go. Unfortunately, two book were suggested and we never... OK, I never picked the one we should all read.

Five Shelves
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It is now less than a week to SLF and I'm worried that I've not been a good book club organiser. I've started the Homo Zappiens: Growing Up in a Digital Age and I must admit, I'm not enjoying it as much as I'd hoped. I eventually got around to ordering We Think: The Power of Mass Creativity and hopefully it will arrive soon.

The question therefore is, have any of you who said you were interested, started (or finished) either book? Given my ambivalence to Homo Zappiens: Growing Up in a Digital Age, at the moment, I'm inclined to go with We Think: The Power of Mass Creativity.

Either way, I hope to pose some questions on one of the books towards the end of next week. So, which book would you like to discuss?


John Connell said...

We've mentioned serendipity before, David - I was intrigued to find your post rght next to this one on my RSS aggregator:

David said...

Hello John

I should invite him here. We are a macho, tech friendly book club. :-)