Friday, September 26, 2008

Fun on Friday #4: Fixing stuff!

I was going to do this last Friday but got sidetracked into talking like a pirate! So, sorry for starting with old news...

The other week there, the pips went squiffy. No, not the singing group, the time signal broadcast on BBC radio. I heard the news item that talked about what went wrong and was amused by what they did to fix the pips. It reminded me of this old joke:

330/365: A Pink Hearse
Originally uploaded by DavidDMuir
A engineer, a mathematician and a computing scientist were in a car which broke down.

"No problem." says the engineer. "Open the bonnet. I have a screwdriver and a can of WD40 with me. I'll get it working in no time!"

"Hold on." says the mathematician. "Lets think about this logical first. We should make a list of all the possible problems in order of most likely to least likely before we do anything else."

But the computing scientist says, "Can we not all just get out and back in again? That usually works!"

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