Friday, December 26, 2008

How To Survive A Robot Uprising

I wasn't sure if I was going to blog during the Christmas holidays but a gift from a nephew contains information that must be shared. He gave me an extremely important manual: How To Survive A Robot Uprising.

*Take Me To Your Leader!*
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As I walked about the Boxing Day sales I was aware of the number CCTV cameras. Thankfully, How To Survive A Robot Uprising told me how to fool gait recognition algorithms (pages 104-105). I thought I'd share the basics here:
  1. Do not attract attention
    Move with the crowd, move slowly, blend in!
  2. Wear clothing to mask your movements
    A trench coat, skirt or cape can make gait recognition more difficult.
  3. Exaggerate your walking style
    Change your walking style - hop, skip or put a stone in your shoe!
  4. Alter your stride
    Change the length of your stride.
  5. Never reveal your intentions through your gait
    If you need to sneak around - walk normally!
Hope this helps. Let me know if it saves your life. :-)

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