Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fun on Friday #17: Jammin'

Sorry... another belated Fun on Friday. You'll have to settle for a fun on Saturday instead. I realised that I haven't featured sound and music in Fun on Friday to any great extent, so here's a few examples to redress the balance.

For those about to rock...
Originally uploaded by Don Solo
First up is some free online music creation software in the shape of JamStudio. Not as easy to use as GarageBand (but then what is?) as it requires a bit more musical knowledge - though, from an educational point of view, that may be no bad thing. You can create different sections of a song (verse, chorus, bridge, ...) and then join them together to make your tune - another potentially useful feature for education?

You can sign up for free and share your compositions online but if you want to be able to save your songs as an MP3 you have to subscribe. However, the good news is, they say that they have a limited number of grants available which will allow teachers to give their students free access to all the features.

Have a go and share your tunes. :-) {Note sure why I come up as "undefined" or d.d.muir on JamStudio. Can't see a way to create a profile... Perhaps I should have shared my tune publicly.}

For the more musically challenged, how about a free, online guitar game where your querty keyboard becomes the guitar controller? Pick up your keyboard and rock out with JamLegend. I managed to beat the computer the first time I played... but only just! Fun and addictive.

If you have a go, share your high scores.

Any other fun music resources I should know about?


Andrew from JamLegend said...

Thanks for the mention David. Let us know how we can make JamLegend more fun and addicting!

Lauren said...

Thanks for blogging about JS! Let us know what you think of our newest product, Thanks!

Music Beat Maker said...

Hey, I didn't know anything about this music making program till now. Seems like something I'd want to give a try. Thanks for the post.