Friday, January 09, 2009

Fun on Friday update

I hope to post the First Fun on Friday of the New Year later today (but then, I've been intending to write a blog post all week...). However, just a quick update on a previous Fun on Friday where I talked about comicbrush.

I just noticed today that comicbrush has added many more free art packs including cartoon people, clothes, animals and dinosaurs... and free Christmas themed art packs but I'm either a bit late or very, very early in finding these.

Another new feature is the comment facility in the Gallery section so you can start to interact with fellow comicbrush users. Next on my wish list would be a favourite option so you can bookmark comics you like and some sort of add friends facility to support communities. And while I'm on community building, the option to create groups (like Flickr's groups) would be jolly useful.

I'm never happy, am I?


Andy McSwan said...

I know how you're feeling with the posts, I started a post on Wednesday and haven't had time to get back to it yet.

David said...

I have the ideas... just not the time. :-(