Friday, April 03, 2009

Fun on Friday #26: Twittersheep

Know who your friends are...

Twittersheep produces a word cloud based on the bios of the people following you (or anyone else for that matter) on Twitter. For example, here's mine:

Not surprisingly, teacher features strongly as does education and learning. Compare with Stephen Fry's flock (or at least the part that I could fit on one screen):

Interesting how strongly geeks and students feature! According to the Guardian's April Fool:
Currently, 17.8% of all Twitter traffic in the United Kingdom consists of status updates from Stephen Fry, whose reliably jolly tone, whether trapped in a lift or eating a scrumptious tart, has won him thousands of fans. A further 11% is made up of his 363,000 followers replying "@stephenfry LOL!", "@stephenfry EXACTLY the same thing happened to me", and "@stephenfry Meanwhile, I am making myself an omelette! Delicious!"
Perhaps not my most useful post but I think it counts as Fun on Friday. |:-)


Dr. Jenny Smith said...

Thanks for the post. I just joined twitter. I'm not sure exactly all that it is about but I intend to learn more.

I love the tag cloud. I'm going to check out twittersheep right now.

David said...

Thanks for the comments. I was unconvinced by Twitter until I jumped in and started playing with it. Hope you enjoy it too.