Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Normal service will now be resumed...

It's finished, it's been handed in and it's all over bar the shouting. I should be able to let you know around the 21st of May(ish) if it was all worth it.

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Towards the end it was more than a little painful trying to finish. I went right to the wire but it was handed in on Monday, so now I just have to wait. I'll try to get back to blogging properly soon.

For now I mostly want to lie in a dark corner somewhere and sleep.

For now I just want to note that shortly after I dropped out of updating and following blogs to concentrate on meeting my deadline David Warlick picked up on one of my posts. I've been following David Warlick since I heard him speak at SETT some years ago so I find it's slightly bizzare (and pleasing) to read that he's been following me since then too. So, I'm about to head over there to leave a belated comment on his post... and then I really need to get on with one of the many things that were put on hold in the last few weeks.


Kenneth... said...

Hi David,
I tried looking you up on technorati but without success. It appears your blog has been pulled from the technorati space. Were you aware of this?

David said...

Hello Kenneth

I find Technorati to be a bit flaky at times. When I checked a few days ago, it had found me again but when I checked this morning, apparently I am lost once more. :-)

I've been drifting down the Technorati rankings anyway (from a high of twenty-odd down to eleven at the moment). I suspect my enforced blogging absence didn't help but to have forgotten about me completely seems a bit rough! If I've not been found again by next week, after a couple more new posts, I'll get on to the Technorati people and see what they say.