Friday, October 09, 2009

Fun On Friday #44: Make your own font

This is brilliant. Go to fontcapture, print out a font template, write in the boxes, scan, upload and Flo's your aunty. :-)

Here, revealed for the first time, is DavidFont - which I am ridiculously pleased with:

It then occurred to me that you didn't need to draw letter shapes. So here is MuirDoodle - half drawn by me and half by Daughter Number 3:

As you can see, we made some of them a bit too big and they got decapitated. but it was good fun coming up with doodles and I think we'll have another go tomorrow.

What fonts can you come up with? What about a music font or a hand drawn maths font, or map symbols or... Let me see what you come up with.


Jeroen van Beijnen said...

Hello David,
There are more uses for hand drawn fonts. Check out this ( weblog item on the rapid e-learning blog!

David said...

Thanks for the link - brilliant resource and source of ideas. (And I thought I was being smart suggesting drawing doodles rather than letters!)

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