Friday, October 16, 2009

Fun On Friday #45: My life as a Lego man

I have a feeling that I've done this before... It's déjà vu all over again. If you can find where I've talked about it - can you show me where? :-)

This week - it's the Mini-Mizer. Create a character in Lego form. Here's my techno-geek teacher man:

If you have a go, share your creations in the comment section.


Aileen said...

I just spent ages creating a really considered, caricatured, yet ironically, critically, humbly honest, lifelike, lego-me ... and failed to save it correctly! The next one will have angrier eyebrows.

Lois Lindemann said...

I had great fun with this - thanks for the link!

I did a bit of picture editing afterwards, because otherwise I ended up standing in mid air on the background I wanted to use. My effort is here:

(Sadly it appears that Blogger doesn't allow me to put that in as a hyperlink.)

David said...

Hello Aileen

I agree that a save option would be jolly useful.

Hello Lois

Brilliant. Is that you in your natural habitat? :-)

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