Friday, December 04, 2009

Fun on Friday #51: It's time to put up the decorations

Time to decorate your desktop with some Christmas lights:
I'm sure I used to have a link to a completely free Windows lights application but can't find it this year... If you know where find one, let me know.


Mosher said...

Ubuntu has a lovely built-in "snowflakes" screensaver too :)

David said...

Is it not a bit excessive to install a whole nw operating system just so you can get a bit Christmasy?

Mosher said...

Nah. It's an easy install and you can pop it on alongside MacOS or Windows using the included bootloader (GRUB). Heck, you can even install the OS as an application *within* Windows (not sure if you can do that on MacOS yet).

See, this is why you filtered all the geeks out of this year's course ;)

David said...

Easy for you to say. :-)

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