Monday, December 07, 2009

iPhone Apps

I wrote about the potential of of the iPhone in education in The iPhone and the Scientist but at the time, I didn't have an one myself. I now have an iPhone (I tried to type that without being smug... I failed) so I thought it was time I returned to the subject of iPhone apps.

FaceGoo Lite
Originally uploaded by DavidDMuir
I'm not promising that all the apps I mention here will be educational but I wanted to mention a few that I have downloaded and that have, so far, stuck on my iPhone. I've only paid for one app - so much is available for free, I've not felt the need to splash the cash!

When I first got my iPhone, I asked my Twitter network, what Twitter app I should get. Various apps were suggested and I tried a few of them but the one that stuck was TweetDeck. It's TweetDeck I use on my desktop, so it seemed to make sense to use it on my iPhone too. It syncs with the desktop version, its columns work like the desktop version and works well in the limited screen real estate provided by the iPhone.

Next I asked for advice on essential apps. Mr W was one of the quickest off the mark and recommended Ragdoll Blaster (a free, Lite, version is available), Spotify (a brilliant desktop application which works as expected on the iPhone), Civilization Revolution Lite (a game I've not played but I cannot get daughter number three to stop playing!) and Ukulele (which I can't find... I always meant to ask him what he meant).

Ian was next, and he recommended seven apps but I'm ashamed to say that the only one I have tried so far is AudioBoo - but it is excellent. I've used it to post to EduTalk already and hope to use it a lot more in the near future.

A few others that I use regularly are:
  • Evernote - This looks really promising as a way of collecting a range of stuff together, save, organise, share between different machines, ... brilliant.
  • Pic2shop - Point the camera at a barcode (of say a book or a CD) and this app will identify the product and find it on the web for you. Brilliant!
  • MetrO - This is amazing. A free app with a guide to the public transport systems in over 400 cities. I used a version of this on my previous phone and it guided us safely all round Paris.
There are a few more I wanted to mention but I've run out of time just now. I'll try to do a post on photography apps soon but before going, I must mention FaceGoo Lite which is responsible for the masterpiece above. Great fun.

Finally, a site that I've found to be a great source of apps to try is Free App Alert. It does what it says on the tin and gives a new list of free apps to try every day.

Do you have any apps you want to recommend?


mshertz said...

I love Red Laser for getting prices on the spot!

Deon said...

Take a Note (for, you guessed it, note taking, but you can choose between drawing, text, audio and photo);
Shazam ('listens' to a song and then tells you what it is);
RemotePad (turns your iPhone into a trackpad for your computer);
Slideshow (for creating slideshows with audio, but you cannot export it to anywhere - yet!);
SimpleMindX (mind mapping tool);
Quickvoice (converts voice to text via email);
Quota (keeps track of your phone/internet accounts);
MemStatus (allows 'cleaning' of your iphone by closing background processes and thus freeing memory);
Files (for storage and retireval of files);
Word Clouder (creates word clouds);
Brushes (awesome painting tool);
TypeDrawing (type some text, then draw with your finger - instead of drawing a line, it draws your text! Brilliant! Kids love it!);
Comic Touch (create comics from images);
Spawn (pointless, but neat, little artistic app);
Crop for Free (image editor);
WorldView (links to hundreds of webcams from around the globe);

That's my hit list.... for now!

David said...

Hello mshertz

Thanks for the suggestion. A couple of people mentioned Red Laser to me but I went for Pic2shop because it does the same thing but it's free. :-)

Hello Deon

Thanks for your suggestions. I already knew about Shazam but was holding it back for a music post (My new iPhone - Music to my ears). The others however were all new to me. I'll try to remember to let you know what I make of them when I have a chance to try them out.

Anonymous said...

I love the red laser app i use it all the time in stores. I get all my free iphone apps from Free Iphone Applications Hope this helps!

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