Thursday, June 03, 2010

TeachMeet Comes of Age

I have been involved with TeachMeets from before the name was invented and have always found them to be fascinating and challenging in roughly equal measure. (For a history lesson, see TeachMeet Beginnings … in Falkirk? and TeachMeet – The Story So Far...)

Ewan @ TeachMeet
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The next one I'm going to attend will be TeachMeet Computing Edition. This is an event created especially for Scottish Computing teachers and it is a good example of the way the TeachMeet idea has grown and developed. However, although there have been many positive developments (such as specialist, regional and international TeachMeets) occasionally things have gone adrift. It is pleasing to note therefore that Ewan McIntosh, who was so important in establishing the TeachMeet concept, is challenging people to look at what is happening and re-energise the TeachMeet ideal.

To this end, he started an online conversation (which I have been following but haven't got organised enough to reply to yet) and also co-ordinated a simultaneous blog post which sets out concerns, questions and seeks comment (which I wasn't organised enough to post on this blog - are you spotting a theme yet?). You can read the post on Ewan's blog or on one of the umpteen other blogs that carried it. It seems to have been successful in stirring up a debate!

I'm not sure where we will end up but I am sure that TeachMeet will be stronger in the future thanks to people like Ewan.

If you haven't done so already, drop by his blog post and join the conversation.

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