Friday, October 15, 2010

Fun On Friday #86: Presentations

Another Friday, another YouTube video.

I was talking about presentations this week, so I went looking for Life After Death By Powerpoint. I discovered that Don McMillan has updated it, for example, he's added a section on graphs at the end:

The sad thing is, I have seen many of the things he criticises used in "real" presentations.

{Apology: Another week and another Fun on Friday with no posts in between. Too much to do, too little time. (Or rather too little organisation and self-discipline!) I will try to do better.}


Mosher said...

Entertaining, but mathematically incorrect. Just before the minute mark he claims the graph shows an exponential growth. The fact that this is illustrated by a straight line contradicts this and demonstrates that is is actually linear.


OK, OK. It's Friday night and I'm sat in watching Robot Chicken.

David said...

To be fair, the graph looks like it might be growing exponentially although the line he draws on it isn't. However, you re quite right to call him out for this glaring inaccuracy in an otherwise completely factual presentation. :-)

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