Friday, October 29, 2010

Fun On Friday #88: Inanimate Alice

Part of me is grateful to Neil Winton for directing me to to Inanimate Alice. Another part of me is very, very miffed.

The Passage of Time
Originally uploaded by ToniVC
I'm grateful because it is a fascinating , engaging, immersive, interesting and wonderful piece of work. I'm not sure that it represents "...the future of reading" but I was certainly hooked and keen to "read" on so I could find out what happened.

I'm very miffed though, because it sucked me in so effectively that the preparation for a class that I should have been doing went out the window. Oops! Time management has never been one of my strong points but when I have something as fascinating as this to distract me, there is simply no hope!

So what do you think? Evil distraction that sucks away time or interesting story told in an innovative and striking way?


Mr Wood said...

Luckily there are some really good teaching resources already available online.

Chris said...

What age is this aimed at? The language is quite "old", but at the age I could read this I'd have been bored waiting for the next bit - and the noise and the occasional comma-splice did my head in! (Oh dear. I'm getting too old ...)

David said...

Hello Mr Wood

Thanks for the comment. Anything you'd like to recommend.

Hello Chris

I guess I'm too easily seduced by the shiny technology. I enjoyed clicking and exploring and didn't even notice the commas! (Oh dear. I'm getting to geeky...) :-)

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