Friday, November 26, 2010

Fun On Friday #92: Advent Calendar

Last Friday in November, so I though links to advent calendars would be appropriate.

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Of course, the problem is, since I can't check them out before December starts, I'm going on guesswork as to which of the many online calendars available will be worth watching as Christmas approaches. So on gut instinct and little else, I'm going to recommend the following three:
  • Santa Games Calendar: It looks like there will be a game/puzzle for every day - which sounds promising.
  • Woodlands Junior Advent Calendar 2010: A school based calendar seems appropriate for an edublog and this one claims that it is an "...interactive advent calendar contains fascinating facts and information about how Christmas is celebrated in different countries around the world".
  • Liverpool Museums Online Advent Calendar: There is no information at all about this calendar on the web page but I'm guessing that an official national museum calendar is likely to be of interest to schools and educators.
Did you use an online calendar last year, or do you have any calendar you' like to recommend?

Update: Disappointing! The Santa Games is the best of the three but it's too hard! I can only spot four differences. The Woodlands calendar is refusing to believe it's December the first and the Liverpool Museum shows a nice picture... but tells you nothing about it. Have you found anything better?


David said...

That's odd. I got an email saying there was a comment here but when I got here, the comment was gone. Odd.

David said...

The comment that disappeared linked to the Festive 24 Things site which looks really interesting.