Thursday, December 02, 2010

Advent Calendars: Take 2

What online Advent calendars are you following? I picked three for my last Fun On Friday (see Fun On Friday #92: Advent Calendar) but chose them without having a chance to preview because it was still November.

I was initially disappointed with two of my three choices but today, it looks like they are going to be OK after all. Since I had been scunnered though, I went looking for alternatives and found two excellent examples on the BBC's website:
  1. The Doctor Who Adventure Calendar. (See what they did there?) A non-traditional format for this one; instead of opening doors, every day there is a new link added. For example, Day One was instructions on how to play a game and Day Two has wallpaper to download.
  2. Radio Four's Today Show Calendar. This is a more traditional layout. Behind every door is a sound clip from the programme. For example, Day One is Evan Davis cracking up over the MP Duck House story.
There must be other good online advent calendars out there though. What are you using?

Ah well... I probably better go. You know me. Stuff to do.


Charlie Love said...


There is the Consolarium Glow Advent Calendar with a new Scratch game unlocked every day.

You can also download the web part for to add the calendar to your own Glow Group or MyGlow page from

David said...

Charlie, this is a brilliant resource. What a great idea. I don't know how many schools are using it this year but hopefully there'll be a whole lot more making use of it next year!

David said...

P.S. Meant to ask, is there a link to the Scratch games' creators somewhere? The programmers deserve some praise.

Charlie Love said...

Yes, there is a link to the Project page in Scratch at the bottom of each Game Window.

Scratch projects are shown using the embed code from the Scratch site.

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