Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fun On Friday #121: Life imitating art...

I am knd of surprised that I haven't featured xkcd here before as it is one of my favourite comic strips. It has a strong tech/nerd bias but it also deals with romance, relationships and some frankly odd hobbies.

And talking of odd hobbies, what about this:

Rollercoaster chess

Brilliant idea and typical of the sideways look at the world taken by the comic.

Now, when I see a comic that I like, I might bookmark it, or send a link to friends, but the followers of xkcd went that extra mile. They brought the comic to life as can be seen on the Chesscoaster page. I especially like the picture about a third of the way down the page where are playing Jenga!

Have you ever recreated a picture or a comic? Remember to share it here if you have.

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