Friday, September 02, 2011

Re: PGDE Students - Thanks!

I asked for help with a PGDE lecture (see New Session, New Students... Old Question!) and got loads of great responses here on the blog, on facebook, Twitter and Google Plus! It was really helpful. This year's lecture was re-built from the ground up, and hopefully improved, as a result of the input. Thank you.

PGDE @ Jordanhill Class of 2011/12
Photo by DavidDMuir
I hope it is OK to ask for your help again. As I have done in the past, I invited the students to text or email questions and comments during the lecture. Their texts and emails are automagically posted to an blog imaginatively titled PGDE Blog. I referred to this blog a couple of times during the lecture and dealt with some of the issues raised as we went along. I have now responded to every comment online but I would value comments from the wider educational community on some of their posts.

There was the usual crop of playful messages (well, perhaps slightly more than usual) but could I ask you to look at and comment on the following:

  1. Using Phones in class.
  2. Phones in class are distracting.
  3. The Digital Divide.
  4. Using QR Codes in education.
Thanks in advance