Friday, January 06, 2012

Fun On Friday #134: Back to the future!

Happy New Year.

The New Year is traditionally a time for making resolutions and looking forward, so, today's Fun on Friday is FutureMe - a website that lets you send emails to your future self. You go to the site, enter your email address, write yourself a message and then choose when you want it delivered. An astonishingly simple, yet stunningly brilliant idea.

Why not make your resolutions, then write yourself a note to be delivered later this year and encourage yourself to keep going. (Assuming you haven't broken this years resolutions already!)

Is there a nice class project here? Get a class to set targets, choose a deadline and then write emails to themselves to check in on the deadline. Or write an email to themselves for when they leave school... or reach 21... or... I guess you can come up with your own ideas. And if you do, leave a comment here to share it with other readers.

While we are on the subject of time travel (which we are sort of) here's my favourite bit from The Big Bang Theory:

My New Year resolution? To blog more often in 2012. So far, so good!

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