Thursday, January 19, 2012

Say hello to BEd Bloggers

I am working with three groups of students just now and want them to use a blog as a learning log and/or a tool for professional reflection.

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#271 eLearning, a photo
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The group that has been going longest is a BEd 3 class that started before Christmas but most haven't quite taken to blogging... yet. I hope to encourage them to get more into the spirit of blogging over the next couple of weeks.

I'd like, therefore, to ask three favours:
  1. Could you suggest how I can help the students to develop a blogging habit, how I can encourage them to keep blogging? What evidence can you offer that blogging is a useful activity for student teachers?
  2. Are there any educational bloggers that you think they should follow?
  3. I'll share some links below of BEd 3 blogs that have been updated recently. If you could look in and reply to some posts or send them some enoencouragement - that would be great!
Thanks in advance.
  And here are some that haven't been updated since last year... at least not yet!


Mosher said...

I blog for a few reasons, but the primary one is to keep up my creative writing. When teaching I find that I'm often writing repetitively - the same comments on homework or reports over and over again. It's like doing lines!

Once in a while I draft up some notes for classes in the form of handouts or exercises. I noticed they were getting a bit stale and formulaic. Doing the job but not being a good read.

I started pushing myself to blog more again (I'd slowed down) and found my work writing was improving as well.

Languages are like any tool - the more you use them, the better you get at them. Put them to one side and they go rusty. Even if all you do is shove up reviews of films, books and concerts (which my blog devolved into), it involves some use of creativity and description.

David said...

I tell the students that the more they write the easier it gets... But while I'm trying to encourage the students to blog, at the same time I'm finding it increasingly difficult to make time to blog myself. :-(

John said...

1. optional daily creative tasks like the ds106 daily create.
or weekly like:
Early days yet but I'v found both these groups to be both a ton of fun and a boost to blogging.

Blogging can be useful for anyone;-)


3. Posted a couple.

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