Friday, April 06, 2012

Fun On Friday #142: Easter Eggs

I've been busy and the blog has been neglected.. so two for the price of one today:

80/365: Muir family eggs by DavidDMuir
80/365: Muir family eggs, a photo
by DavidDMuir on Flickr.
Stuck for ideas on how to decorate your Easter eggs? Then, have a look at the Family Fun Egg Decorating page where you'll find an gallery of eggs to inspire and some instructions. I thought the melted wax eggs was a clever idea but I think my favourite is the Bee egg.

If real eggs doesn't take your fancy, how about a make it yourself giant Creme Egg? Two different methods:

First, a method from the unfortunately named Pimp That Snack! that involves making your own fondant filling. Looks tricky but probably worth the effort.

Second, an how to from Student Beans. This one looks much easier but the site does give the following warning:
Warning: It's a LITTLE sweet, so we advise that you share the GIANT Creme Egg with at least ten other people so as to avoid developing diabetes.
If you have a go at any of the above, I'd love to see photographic evidence.

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