Friday, September 21, 2012

Fun On Friday #150: Write your own adventure

I've written before about text based adventure games (see for example Fun On Friday #89: A maze of twisty games all alike) but thanks to a Tweet from Digital Katie, I've just discovered the Text Adventures website where you can "Create, play and share text adventure games".

It's brilliant. You can play online or download a Windows application and play offline. If you create your own game, you can make it public and let anyone play it or keep it unlisted and just share it with people you choose.

There is also an Education page with suggestions, examples and help for teachers who want to use Interactive Fiction with students.

I'll try to have a go at creating a game soon and share it here. Have you already created a game or have you tried this sort of thing with a class?


Mosher said...

I used to have the Graphic Adventure Creator for the Amstrad many years ago and spent *ages* making nothing of any final releasable consequence whatsoever. But I had a ton of fun (not) doing it.

I believe the alternative product was The Quill which did text only, with a graphics package (The Illustrator) available later to add static graphics.

Denisha Joely said...

Whenever I have free time I use to play some interesting Word formation game I really like it Its good for adventure and vocabulary purpose.


paul martin said...

I tried "Adventure" one week across a range of FE classes but not to all students. The results were patchy, very, as most were not the least engaged even after tweaking between groups.

It was clear that the low tech (text) nature of the app (cannot honestly remember which) was a poor competitor to the latest craze on whichever online games platform was then in. I of course had almost enjoyed the equivalent when at uni but I came to the conclusion that the world had moved on and put it down to tried but failed. Soz.

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