Thursday, September 20, 2012

TMSLF12: First session.

Live capture blog from TeachMeet SLF 2012.

Drew Burrett - Physics teacher. Crowd sourced, open source text books. Brilliant idea. Physicists are doing it, why can't {insert subject/level of choice here} teachers do it too? See online presentation for more details.

Nick Hood - The motivators of games design applied in the classroom. Described how he got a difficult class motivated and involved. I liked that he gave the badges for things but that although the "badges" were just a number in a spreadsheet, they still motivated! Recommended watching the TED Talk on motivators of games design - I think it was this one:

Ian Hallahan - Recommended the Dyslexia Scotland website for great resources.

(Not a presentation, but just because he could, Neil Winton showed how to use Diigo to take screenshots of whole web pages.)

I realise this is a bit light on detail, but you should still be able to access the video feed and watch the recording of the presentations.

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