Wednesday, October 19, 2005

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I haven't published anything here for a while, but I've been tinkering with things behind the scenes: playing with Feedburner and tweaking my template (if you'll pardon the expression). I've made a number of changes, including stuff that most users wont even notice. One change in particular gives me a stupid amount of pleasure every time I see it, but I suspect most of you haven't even noticed! A Mars Bar is on offer as a prize to the first person to guess what change I'm talking about.

One change I made was to restore the Feedburner feed I broke when I tweaked it to encapsulate the podcast. (See If it wasn't broke, why did I fix it.) That means that if anybody has already subscribed to my podcast in iTunes (or whatever), they will need to unsubscribe and then subscribe to the new feed I created just for podcasts instead:

Subscribe to my podcast feed with this button

Since I'm still finding my way with this stuff, I'd be grateful if anyone could confirm that I've done it right and that both the old and the new feeds are still working. Calling the new feed EdCompCast seemed like a good idea at the time - I hope it is not too confusing. (See Ewan on confusing jargon!) At the moment, I have only produced the one, proof of concept, podcast (My first podcast) but I am meeting some students after the October "Study Week" and hope to produce a podcast on their experiences on the Induction Block placement within the next few weeks.

While I'm on the subject of podcasts, I noticed that the ubiquitous Mr McIntosh's school, Musselburgh Grammar, gets a mention in the podcast entry in the Wikipedia. It says (or at least on the 19 October 2005, it says):
Education. Musselburgh Grammar School, Scotland began podcasting foreign language audio revision and homework, possibly becoming the first school in Europe to launch a regular podcast.
Good stuff. Well done MGS Online.

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John Johnston said...

For the mars bar:-)
fav icon thingy in the address bar?
I though I saw one, though it looks like the blogger one at the moment.

John Johnston said...

Trying again. Must be the list?

David said...

Hello John

I was waiting to see if anybody else was going to try, but you got it on your first guess! I know it is sad, but the wee favicon (whch doesn't appear on the comment page, only on the ones controlled by my template) is my favourite change. It's so small that I'm surprised that it is noticed but I really like it. I am fairly artistically challenged, but I think that this icon I designed works. Some of my earlier attempts looked dreadful. I was trying to draw a wee computer, not easy at the best of tmes but when you only have a 16 x 16 image to play with... Then I noticed that both Google and Blogger just go with a stylised initial letter, so the curly e that looks a bit like a c for EdComp was created. I think I've said it already... but I am ridiculously pleased with the result. :-)

So, well done John. A Mars Bar is on its way.