Saturday, October 08, 2005

My first Podcast

I've been wanting to try podcasting for some time, so here is my first ever podcast. Trust me, it's not worth listening to, but I wanted to see if I could get enclosures etc. to work. In this four minute podcast I talk about National Poetry day and read some poems.

I was inspired to have a go by the Guide to Podcasting published on the Digital Video in Education site. It's a good, fairly straightforward guide, but the proof of the pudding will be if this posting works. :-)

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John Johnston said...

Hi David,
Gave me a few laughs here, thanks.
We also did a National Poetry Day podcast at Radio Sandaig, and blogged 150 verses on the Sandaig Poets blog.
We skipped the National Poetry Day future requirement though, hopefully using the medium of the near future will do.

Ewan McIntosh said...

Good to see that the Scottish edublogger scene has now instantly also become a Scottish edupodcaster seen - even if it is more difficult to say. Bravo!

Ewan McIntosh said...

seen??? Yikes - it must be getting too late for me.

Podcasting S-c-e-n-e. We'll have to do a joint podcast from all three of us - let's get David in from Hillside, too.

amybowllan said...

Thanks for this! It's great and very helpful.
Amy Bowllan

David said...

Hello Ewan and John

A joint podcast, now that would be fun! When and where... and perhaps more importantly, what topic would we talk about?

David said...

Hello Amy

Glad you found it useful. I suspect Ewan and John (your fellow commenters on this blog entry) would be able to offer a lot more help on how to go about podcasting.

Anonymous said...

fiona andrew said...

It is amazing how people master the art of weblogging and then very quickly take up podcasting. After setting up the ICT in Education I was the same and wanted to create a podcast. Working with Woodhill Primary School in Bishopbriggs we are looking at delivering french lessons through podcasting. The next step is enhanced podcasting.

David said...

Hello Fiona

You say, "It is amazing how people master the art of weblogging..."

Thank you for confirming that I'm a blog master! I am the master of blogs! Something else to put on my CV. :-)

I look forward to seeing what you and Woodhill come up with. Before we moved house, Woodhill was the school my daughters attended, so I am doubly interested to see what you get up to.

Anonymous said...

David your diligence is amazing, keep up the good blogging tony v