Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Where in the world is Ollie Bray?

I went to Ollie Bray's session at SETT (which I hope to report on soon) and he mentioned he had a blog. So, since then, I have been following Ollie's blog - both his own and the posts he is making on the Learning Teaching Scotland blog.

I'm especially enjoying his recent posts on LTScotland about some of the things he is doing with ICT in his geography classes. He describes some fairly straightforward ways you can use the annotation feature of Interactive Whiteboards. A simple idea that is easily grasped, but an idea that lifts the whiteboard from being a display surface to being an interactive learning resource. I also liked Monday's post on sources of current, multimedia resources for use in school.

Not only is he a more prolific producer of blog entries than Ewan (and that's saying something!) but he has talked his student into starting a blog while on teaching practice. Richard Ledingham, a student from Edinburgh University, has gone a bit quiet since finishing his observation week, but I suspect Ollie will get him up and running again when he goes back for his main school placement.
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