Friday, March 10, 2006

Ich habe zwei Brüder

Just in case you're worried, I actually have two sisters, but when learning German I found it easier to say zwei Brüder (which is a lie) than zwei Schwestern (which is true). So in a desperate attempt to learn German, I ended up learning to lie in a foreign language.

The reason I tell you this is that I have been invited to speak at a Modern Foreign Languages conference. Bizarre. If my old French teacher is still alive, he'll be turning in his grave!


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Duncan__ said...

Gib vollpower! (which, I believe, is the German equivalent of "Give 'em hell!")

Christine McIntosh said...

Ultreya! (Which I tend to render as "G'aun yersel. son!" (I belive it's Spanish. I don't speak Spanish)

Ewan McIntosh said...

The boy done good.

Anonymous said...

Ich habe zwei Bruder, zwei Opas, zwei Omas, einen Onkel, einen Tante, enie Cousine. Ich wohnen in die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika. Mein Bruser ist nicht sher klug. Er ist eine Hounden. Ich speilie FuBball. Am Frietag laufen ich.

David said...

Er.. thank you Gunter for sharing.. I think.