Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Grab some Goat Grub!

Dog-goat says, "Merf!",
originally uploaded by DavidDMuir
Last week I paid the deposit to confirm the provisional booking at The Goat. I told them there would be about twenty people in the group. Today there are about thirty people signed up on the TeachMeet wiki! I hope they can cope with us. :-) I'm impressed we've made it up to thirty - especially as some people had to pull out because they got Glowed.

With so many going on to The Goat, they have asked us to pre-order. The menu is available online and we could just take a count on the night. However, since most of the rest of the preparation has taken place online (and since I wanted an excuse to play with online spreadsheets) I have created a collaborative spreadsheet version of the menu in EditGrid. Go to the spreadsheet, add your initials at the top of a column and put a 1 beside the things you'd like to order. I'll find out for Wednesday what the "...of the day" items are but feel free to make your choices now - you can always edit the spreadsheet at the TeachMeet on Wednesday... or any time you like. :-)

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Chris said...

We at The Blethers have placed our order (!) - but reserve the right to cahnge if the pasta looks especially tempting!

David said...

Yes... I was surprised that a self confessed foodie went for the burgers.