Wednesday, September 20, 2006


{This is a quick and dirty post that I'll need to tidy up and add links etc. later. This is posted from the Goat while we wait for people to arrive.}

Theo Kutchel

Videoegg, Jumpcut, Eyespot

Theo Kutchel demonstrated You can remix video that you upload or pull from the web. Gives a timeline and effects, title, etc. It looks like iMovie but it's on line. You can grab stuff from the community of users. It's like a video version of Flickr.

Chris McIntosh

Pinky Parky Blog. Described the two pupils who came to her having problems with creative writing. Process writing involves six cards with a starter subject. This is shared with a neighbour who writes comments on their card. The writer then develops the next paragraph. Lots of bits of paper, lots of noise. If instead it is done on a blog, it saves the teacher writing the same things over and over again. It is also opened up to comments from everyone who reads blogs.

Sean and Katie

Couldn't blog while they were doing it because they were presenting on my machine. :-)


Mediastage can be used to create 3D movies with virtual actors and stages, scenes, camera angles. The virtual actors have limited AI and can react and interact. You can even record speech and the characters mouth moves in time with your recorded voice! Brilliant.

Ollie Bray

Using Google Earth Ollie had overlaid images on top of Google earth. E.g. overlay OS maps. Can also use Sketch up and the 3D warehouse to add into Google earth overlays.

GPS starting to come into schools. Get one for about £60. You can map using easygps or gpsvisualiser. Can get children to try and write their name by walking around . can map position of trip including altitude! Graphs can show where people have come from plotted onto Earthplot software. Explore Our (similar to Earth Browser) can recognise where you are blogging from and add all sorts of stuff above. things like sounds of the rainforrest. can predict area that will be flooded if the sea level rises. Ollie will link to digitalgeography.

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