Monday, November 06, 2006

EduFlickr: Goodnight Mr Tom and Hello Mr CogDogBlog

Goodnight Mr Tom

Imagine that you are going to teach a lesson that you know will be observed by your headteacher and the chair of the board of governors. What do you do? Play it safe and teach a tried and tested lesson that you know will work well? Or do you push the boat out and do something new with read/write web tools that could easily go squiffy?

Well if you are T. Barrett (is that Tom Barrett, or am I making that up?) you do the latter! See Lesson Observation Today! for details. Stunningly brilliant! This and more in the ICT in my Classroom blog.

Hello Mr CogDogBlog

What Can We Do With Flickr?
What Can We Do With Flickr?,
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I must admit that I only dip in and out of Alan's blog but his recent contribution to the K12 Online Conference reminded me why I had subscribed to his blog in the first place. I was impressed with his use of Flickr to demonstrate what you can do with Flickr. Again... stunningly brilliant!

He has taken a similar approach to the other things he was talking about at the K12 Online Conference, for example, to introduce YouTube, he recorded a video introduction and posted it on YouTube. I especially like the idea of the video tennis games that can result from this educational use where people respond to your video with another video.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I discovered your blog via the widget bloglog widget! I actually did an interview with Allan on Youtube -- did you see it? Also, I agree - I love his work, particularly the flickr piece.

David said...

Hello Beth

The first of your YouTube interviews I saw was with Steve Cliff. I thought it was a great idea and have been mulling over some ways I might be able to use it with students. And of course I saw your recent exchanges with Alan off his YouTube intro. I think he described it as being like volleyball, but it reminded me more of tennis - he serves, you return the video ball and then he has to get it back over the net again. :-) Is there another interview with him, or is that the one you are talking about?

I'm clearly going to have to look at widgets more carefully. You seem to have gone wild for widgets recently but I must admit that I haven't looked too closely at them up until now.

Anonymous said...

I'm experimenting now with a fundraising widget that is viral to help sponsor a young Cambodian woman for college.

YOu can even put it on your blog!

I have a youtube campaign video