Thursday, November 02, 2006

Welcome party

I wrote in Moblogging: Turn it on again about Ewan's visit to Jordanhill and our attempt to get students interested in blogging. A few students have already let me know about the blogs they've started, so I thought I'd introduce them here so that you can see what they have to say for themselves. They start their first major placement in schools on Monday (6 November) and I'm looking forward to reading about their experiences.

In no particular order, student blogs I know about so far are:
Writing at Night
Writing at Night,
originally uploaded by iwouldstay
I'll add more as and when I become aware of them.

Also, one of the students had created a blog sometime before the lecture that he was hoping to use with one of classes. Brilliant! Like I've said before, they're doing it already. :-)
Finally, those of you who watched the video of our lecture will have heard me say that I created a set of bookmarks for the students but I gave it the wrong name! (I was in some sort of a time warp and thought it was session 2005-2006.) I have now created another set and this time got the name right. :-) I have added some of the sites we talked about on Friday to and will add a few more over the coming days. If there are any sites/resources you think I should draw to the students' attention, let me know. Either add a comment here, or if you have a account, tag anything you think the students should see with for:pgdes0607. The for:pgdes0607 tag should mark it for my attention and hopefully I will eventually notice and add it to the students' bookmarks.

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