Tuesday, November 07, 2006

PGDE(S): Another new blogger

I gave a list of new student bloggers in my Welcome Party post. Another student has now owned up to starting a blog and you can find him at It's late and I'm tired... The most recent post as I write this involves a slightly bizarre cartoon but if you read the post before, "You're gonna get pure mad stabbed!", the reason for the cartoon will be staring you in the face. :-)

He is looking for advice on motivating the unmotivated. Any suggestions?

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Kenneth... said...

I found another one of your flock wandering the blogosphere. Me? A teacher?!

Don said...

Just to spread the word about a rather retrograde step in Argyll & Bute. As of today Blogger has been placed on the list of denied sites able to be accessed from educational establishments.

Students can no longer use Blogger to create sites nor can they comment on those they come across.


David said...


Thanks for pointing this out. Another one to add to the list.


I saw this on your blog (via Blether's). Grief! May get around to a comment later. What is Andrew Brown saying to this?

Tess Watson said...

This was my fear. I am still going to switch to an East Lothian blog at some point; when I have time!
Would it make a difference if their 'next blog' button was removed?