Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In the Wild - Ewan McIntosh

Ewan McIntosh - Edublogger

Ewan MacIntosh
Ewan MacIntosh,
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Do our children snack on the media? Are they snacking on education? In fact the history of snacking is very long - back to the 19th Century.

Have we always had short attention spans and always had a snack culture? Possibly, but Ewan thinks something has changed. Ewan showed the cup-stacking video. The mum just didn't get it! The children do - and they are reaching a worldwide audience. Also showed a one-man band type video to show the creative possibilities.

{Rats. My machine crashed and I lost some of what I’d typed in.}

We tend to ban the collaborative tools in school but allow the insular, individual uses. In the “real world” it’s about social networking and collaboration. Wigitised not webified. Our pupils don’t care about lost IDs etc. They have sites that they use for a while and then drop and move on.

Is life a list? A look at Bebo pages suggests no? Inventing by imposing shape on nature or discovering by revealing. Ewan prefers discovery.

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