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In the Wild - Pat Kane

Pat Kane - Pat Kane (author and musician and...)

Look out!
Pat Kane,
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Part of the etymology of happiness is hap as in happenstance.

What are we teaching children to do in schools, compared with what they are doing with technology elsewhere? In schools we try to stop them using the tools they take for granted elsewhere. The reality of today's technology world is that it is confusing - yes, but the technology world our children inhabit is global and exciting!

What is happening in our society? Politicians are keen to build a sense of national identity and so all are talking about some form of national service but Pat thinks this is going about it the wrong way.

{Pat is really interesting and speaks intelligently but I'm finding it hard to follow his train of thought... I'll try and grab bits as they pass.}

Internet has grown out of contradictory roots:
ARPANET, the American military, the cold war and the nuclear threat <---> Tim Berners-Lee and the world wide web to allow people to share stuff.
Young people downloading with a careless disregard for musical property rights <---> Young people with a real passion for live music who discuss and share everything from an event.

Young people are looking for team, agency and purpose (in the way that say shipbuilding did). Is society/politics offering this? Pat says no but thinks artistry could. {Including the "artistry of care" Eh? - DM} Look for Michel Bauwens on Google: We regard what is truly plentiful as scarce [i.e. information] and what is truly scarce as plentiful [i.e. the environment]. Information does not need to be managed and controlled.

What we have is information, the possibility to choose and an unprecedented personal autonomy.

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