Saturday, September 29, 2007

TacheBack - the final push!

TacheBack - Day 29
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There's only one day of moustache growing to go before it gets shaved off. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Everyman cancer charity. The total donated for my efforts to grow a moustache is currently £246.44 - which I think is pretty good!

I have been especially pleased the way people have reacted to what is, let's face it, a silly idea. The students were great with many coming up to me in the cafe and in corridors to give me money. A couple entered into the spirit and one posted a look-a-like picture Borat.

TeachMeet also reacted well with Ewan also posting a look-a-like (Clouseau this time). Also, at TeachMeet, Merlin John took possibly the best photo of of my moustache and wrote a great blog entry about my fundraising efforts.

And then there were friends and readers of this blog who reacted generously, including Kenneth who produced two look-a-like movies - Renee and Clouseau (again!).

I've also been accused of looking like Magnum PI and both Basil Fawlty and Manuel... but no look-a-like evidence for any of these. :-)

Finally, here is a short slideshow of the whole tache growing effort.

Although the TacheBack campaign ends on September 30th, I think you will be able to donate online for a while yet, so if you haven't done so already, it's not too late.

Thanks again everyone.

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Sandra Pipczynski said...

I'd like to donate! Do they take paypal? And how much is $10 there? Email me -

Bryce Calder said...

Hi David: Love the slide show and the ever growing tache! Well done on the funds raised for cancer charity!


David said...

Thanks chaps! I must admit however that I'm glad September is over and that I've been able to go back to my usual clean shaven self. :-)