Saturday, December 22, 2007


I'm in holiday mode so don't expect too much in the way of sensible educational thinking over the next few days. (Stop that sniggering... I do have sensible educational thoughts sometimes.)

Catching up on a backlog of blog reading, I came across this belter from Derek (aka the man with the best job in the world): Marvelous free resources from Marvel Comics... »

I'll leave him to do the educational justification as I'm going to be too busy reading as many of the 250 "Limited Time Only" free samples as I can before the limited time runs out. I would be tempted by a subscription but I suspect when your subscription tuns out, so will your ability to access the comics.

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Paul Wilkinson said...

This would have been brilliant for our theme next year. Our staff development day requires us to come dressed as our favourite superhero. Unfortunately the free comics only give you access to a few pages not the whole story. Maybe I'll have to get school to shell out for a subscription. :)
At the moment I think I will be turning up as "Super Overeating Induced Coma Man"

Merry Christmas