Saturday, December 29, 2007

NoTube at school!

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I've had a post bubbling away on the back burner for a while now and the way things are coming together, I better get on it soon. However, this is a holding post until I get time (ha!) for the full thing. Partly it is prompted by the reaction to my Queen's YouTube (or One'sTube as Mike puts it in a comment on Doug's post). Both John and Doug (rightly) complained that this resource would be blocked in most schools. Also, Doug's blog entry led me to Sean the Bass Player's post on the Student 2.0 blog. Other stuff I've caught up with recently (although it is fairly old) includes Gordon's comments on filtering YouTube, and John Connell's response.

I want to say more about this than I have time to write just now. For the moment, can I tease you (think of it as a trailer for an upcoming blog entry) by saying I think it is significantly more complicated than asserting "Web 2.0 good, blocking bad" - I have a lot of sympathy for Gordon's position. The issue deserves a more lengthy and considered response than I have time for just now... but I am working on it... honest.

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P.S. I'm now back home from holiday... and I missed the chance to wish you all a Happy Christmas... so I wish you a belated Happy Christmas! (And before we leave Christmas behind for another year, can I remind you of the Spot the Santa competition? There is still time to enter, and you know you want to win that coveted no-prize.)

I'll try to be more on the ball when the New Year comes around.

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