Friday, August 14, 2009

Back to school

For many children in Scotland, Monday marks the start of the new school term. Hair has been cut. (Don't worry, the difference between a bad haircut and a good one is just two weeks!) New shoes have been polished. (Can you still get Clark's Commandos?) And maths sets have been purchased. (Does anyone ever use those triangular things?)

I've been getting ready too. Our students enrol next week and it's all coming together. New suit? Check! New shoes? Yes! New haircut? Er... tomorrow... maybe?

Most important of all though, is that I've learned the Four Capacities.

I think that should put me at least one page in front of the students. I'm ready to teach.

What preparations have you made for the start of term?


Chris said...

This confident individual doesn't have a clue about these Capacities! But in the course I facilitate for TISEC, we talk about "competencies" (harder to say, btw) - do you think we're all just playing with words here?

David said...

Hello Chris

What's in a name? I suspect that in Education, we get a bit Humpty Dumpty like with words at times. :-)