Monday, August 17, 2009

Meaningless babble... and a useful tool

I saw oodles of pointless babble about a report on Twitter messages today: Twitter tweets are 40% 'babble'. I'm guessing that some people have already leapt to Twitters defence, so I will content myself by giving an example of a valuable exchange I saw today.

And on keyboards...
Originally uploaded by DavidDMuir
Leon Cych, AKA eyebeams posted a tweet asking for alternatives to Garageband. I had a bit of a problem with the question because Garageband does so much. You can play music, be taught to play an instrument, create music, edit sound, assemble sound loops, create podcasts, mix tracks, ... However, I had a go (as DavidDMuir) and so did _misterG, Ntoll, russdev, jont, and Steve_Collis. As a result, in the space of an hour or so, Leon had a list of alternatives to investigate.

A good example of the 8.7% of valuable messages or fairly typical of what you get most of the time if you follow the right people?

And for the record, here's the list he assembled:
A brilliant mixture of online and offline, free and commercial, beginner and advanced!

Any others that you want to add?

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