Friday, August 21, 2009

Fun on Friday #37: Folding Fun

The new school term has started in Scotland, so I guess it's time for the return of Fun On Friday.

I thought this site was great when it was first brought to my attention. Have a look at Kemp Folds.

Now, see if you asked yourself the same questions that I did:
  1. Why Ross Kemp?
  2. Would it work with any head?
  3. Does it work best with baldy blokes?
  4. Does it work best with Ross Kemp?
  5. Seriously... Why Ross Kemp?
  6. In fact... just why? :-)
I think I can answer the last question. It's because it made me laugh out loud the first time I visited the site! (My favourite is this one.)

How did your set of questions go?

Thanks to bobbyllew for bringing this site to my attention.

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