Monday, November 09, 2009

Grumpy Old Man

Grumpy old man rant coming up rather than something educational… How can it cost less to buy Gillette three blade disposable razors than it does to buy Gillette three blade replacement blades?

After looking around for longer than is sensible trying to get less expensive replacement blades, I finally decided to buy a whole new razor. This worked out to be even cheaper than buying the disposable razors (and even came with three extra blades in the pack). Throw away culture or what?

In case anyone cares, I bought an Azor from King of Shaves which was on special offer. Quite apart from saving me money compared to buying new blades, it is a fantastic razor. It does a great job and is both comfortable and easy to use.

Honest, I'm not on commission from them, but if you find your replacement blades cost more than a new razor, I can highly recommend the Azor. If that's not enough, when you look at it from behind, it looks like it's smiling at you.

Normal EdCompBlog service will be resumed shortly. :-)


Mosher said...

When I was travelling, I went the "grow a beard" route as it's cheaper. And I hate shaving. And in a lot of places I stayed I only had cold water, and there was no way I could get a foam!

I read an article fairly recently that compared loads of razors. The author settled on an old fashioned razor blade kit, but was looking for a decent straight razor... is a great site. Worth checking out for handy info such as this:

Mosher said...

Just to be sad and respond to my own comment... you can also extend the life of the blades with mineral oil:

or a pair of old jeans!

David said...

I was grumpy but... yes, you're sad. :-)

Mosher said...

I am also a student. And very, very broke indeed!

Anonymous said...

This grumpy old man uses an old fashioned safety razor with a double edge razor blade. WAY cheaper than any of those other options.

I also use soap and a brush - again cheaper and better than the canned crap. I used to get a rash from shaving, not any more!