Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Torbay RTC: Tackling Literacy with iLife

Live blog from #torbayrtc

Key goals:
  • Get visitors to learn something (teachers and pupils)
  • Make visitors want to learn
  • Give as many different learning styles a chance to learn as possible
  • create exciting learning environment
  • Develop partnerships
  • Sustainability
Describing a project involving 30 "excitable" Year 5 pupils and their teacher. Project wrote a rap about literacy. The original idea was to get the pupils into a studio and record the rap. Extended by getting students to create a backing track in Garageband. The class produced fifteen backing tracks and had an X Factor vote to choose the best. The next step was to storyboard and produce videos. The project took place over five weeks. The students edited the video:

The Rose Report says that their should be more emphasis on performing and visual arts. The presenter said, "They are speaking our language".

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