Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Torbay RTC: Who wants to be Golden-nuggetaire

Live blog from #torbayrtc

The Bad Boys are up showing us a series of ideas for using technology using Who Wants to Be A Millionaire as an excuse.

First up was how to trace an image in Flash - brilliantly simple and produces really interesting images. Put a series of theses images in iPhoto and use the shatter transition in the slideshow - it looks brilliant.

Next up is Polyphontics to sample sounds for Garageband - create your own instruments.

Touch screen controller: Touch OSD + Osculator is an app for iPhone/iTouch

Karajan Ear Trainer - learn some music theory - learn about chords etc.

Screen capture software: ScreenFlow is a brilliant screencasting application and quality of video is excellent.

Quality QuickTime VR Panoramas: Some great, free panoramas, e.g. moon landing.

Flash Games: Learning Arcade e.g. Attack of the Killer Bugs

Sharing something from a USB pen drive - just plug it into an airport and it appears on everyone's Finder.

Sound Flower: Routing audio from one app to another.

Print bits of a website: Print what you like. Easy and online.

Turn PDFs into Keynote presentations: PDF to Keynote (There is also a plug in version.) Take iPhone books and convert to Keynote.

Press Sleep and Home to take a screenshot of an iPhone

Add a logo to a movie - use cutaways. Can watermark your school logo onto a movie.

Free mouse highlighter app: Omnidazzle variety of highlighter tools - zoom, spotlight, ... brilliant.

Storyboard app for iPhone/iTouch: iStoryboards (Lite version is free) Drop photos, add dialog and action, set scene length and then can export.

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