Friday, October 01, 2010

Fun On Friday #84: Sand Dance

I was listening to a play on the radio which played a snatch of music that reminded me of something... I couldn't place it at first but suddenly it came to me: Egyptian Ballet by Alexandre Luigini. This in turn led me to look for a video clip for today's Fun On Friday.

The name of the music may not be familiar to you but I suspect you would recognise the tune and, if you are a certain age, you will almost certainly recognise the names Wilson, Keppel and Betty. Here they are, at the peak of their powers performing their Sand Dance to the tune Egyptian Ballet. (The sand dance starts around the 20 second mark):

The ease and style with which they perform is a testament to the constant repetition and polishing they did over many years of performing. Making something look that effortless is extraordinarily hard work! If you need proof of this, look at some of the videos of really poor attempts to copy the routine that are also posted on YouTube!


alan Y said...

any way we can link your last 2 posts?
Sand dance on the wii?
now that is something i would pay good money for :)

David said...

Sand Dance on the Wii - and Derek would still win!

Unknown said...

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