Saturday, March 05, 2011

Fun On Friday #104: Human LCD

This is in danger of being more than a day late, so short and sweet. A fun YouTube video.

Goodness knows what they are saying but I like the way they are not just showing different colours but that they have built dance routines into the sequence.


Phil Gregory ADE said...

This is amazing stuff, naturally we have seen this sort of thing before with the chinese but always using those coloured boards. this is something extra special though.

alan Y said...

Would live to try this with some Primary pupils - bet they could come up with some amazing ideas.
Wonder how many we would need for an HD version

David said...

Hello Phil

I love the way that it is a performance - singing and dancing - not just holding up boards. I think this would make it much more fun for the participants as well as the spectators.

Hello Alan

According to Wikipedia (and who am I to doubt it) it looks like the lowest resolution that is stilled classed as HD is XGA at 1024×768 pixels, i.e. 786,432 pupils would be needed. Assuming a Primary school has 250 pupils, you would need the whole population of over 3,000 primary schools! I think that could be arranged! :-)